Psychodynamic counselling can enable a deeper understanding of the difficulties you are struggling with.  Together we would explore your feelings and experiences in a safe and confidential environment.  Through the counselling relationship insight into underlying emotional conflicts can be gained, and while the counselling experience may feel challenging at times it can also feel rewarding, ultimately offering relief and greater self-awareness.

To begin with we would meet for an initial consultation, this is to understand something of what has brought you to counselling and to discuss the counselling process with you.  We will explore the options of time limited therapy (12 sessions) and open ended therapy.  There is no obligation to continue, this is an opportunity to decide if you would like to work with me, as well as whether psychodynamic counselling is the right choice for you at this time.  Before making a commitment to proceed with therapy it can sometimes be helpful to meet for a 2nd consultation, we would discuss this option together. 

If you decide you would like to continue we would agree a regular day and time to meet, once a week. 

Initial consultations and sessions are 50 minutes.